Becc Spareparts

The collection is designed by Giggi Sundler, who has more than 25 years experience of designing accessories. Giggi has worked worldwide with brand-building and concept design, now he makes his own collection.

The bags are timeless, and made to last for many years. Canvas and leather, carefully chosen for every detail.The inspiration for the collection comes from old army bags: well proven functionality, made to be used daily, no matter what the circumstance.

Each bag has modern functions to carry your personal items, such as Macbooks and Ipads. The material has a raw finish, so that the bags gain a greater patina, year after year.

Becc bags -Your daily spare parts

The Rugged Collection

Made with waxed 16 oz canvas and leather trim

  • Messengerbag vaxed canvas
  • Shoulderbag vaxed canvas
  • Trunkbag vaxed canvas
  • Shoulderbag and Trunkbag, vaxed canvas

The Heavy Canvas Collection

Made with heavy 20 oz canvas with leather trim

  • Shoulderbag canvas, close up
  • Shoudlbag canvas
  • Shoulderbag canvas, close up
  • Trunk canvas
  • Trunk canvas, close up
  • Laptopbag canvas
  • Laptopbag canvas close up
  • Totebag canvas
  • Totebag canvas, close up
  • Backpack canvas
  • Backpack canvas, close up
  • Shoulderbag canvas